Corrigé du Bac S : le sujet de LV1 anglais

Terminale S

Le corrigé de LV1 anglais, Bac S :


Document A

Mr Fonseka sat for hours thinking about his books, told stories and read books to the boy/narrator, sang songs and listened to the stories of the narrator and his two friends.
This character is a book lover and all his activities are linked to his beloved books.

Quotes : l.2 "He knew passages .... he could recite by heart" / l.2/3 "He sat at his desk all day wondering about them" / l. 17 "He 'd sing a song" / l.20 "He made me tell him of our adventures".

-KIND, l.4 "he would welcome me"
-CAPTIVATING , l. 20 "he beguiled them as well"
-SERENE l.23 "he had a serenity...."
-KNOWLEDGEABLE l.17 "he had this wide-ranging knowledge of books"

-statement 3 : l.13 " it was the anonymity of the stories and the poems that went deepest into me"
-statement 4 : l. 19 "He had become curious about them and he made them tell him of our adventures". Or l. 7/8 "I'd attempt... had left unfinishes".

WRONG . Two quotes : l.22 "Mr F. would not be a wealthy man."
l.22 "it would be a spare life he would be certain to lead as a schoolteacher".


They go to the movies together every week.
Pembe loves to immerse herself in the stories of the films. Elias uses the film they watch together as an excuse to be close to her and to touch her. Both characters like for different reasons their secret movie session.

Elias focuses more on Pembe than on the film they are watching together. Elias indeed gets easily distracted by the presence of the woman as opposed to Pembe who entirely concentrates on the stories and atmosphere of the film and doesn't seem to be very interested in him.

As long as they are sitting in the dark and watching the film, Pembe seems to accept and even enjoy Elia's flirting attempts. As soon as the lights are on, Elia snaps back into reality , seems to get scared and hurries away from the cinema.

1 she is attractive : l.10/11 "he caught a whiff of jasmine... a heady charming mixture".
l.29/30 "this unfathomable, almost enigmatic attraction he felt for her".
3 different : l.29/30 "a woman so alien to his the life he had led "

The places they go are both far away from their place of living and unpopular. They are therefore almost certain they won't encounter any known acquaintances.
They most certainly want to keep their meetings and relationship secret. They might be both married, or not allowed to meet.


The characters share several elements : they admire one another (the boy/the teacher, the narrator /the woman ), they somewhat share a love for story-telling whether through books or moving pictures, the two relationships also contain an element of magic and secrecy.

K candidats série S /ES /L (pas LVA)

Document A : Mr Fonseka opens up a new world to the boy, makes him discover the music of words, the magic of story-telling. The boy and his two friends offer Mr Fonseka an audience for his stories and provide him maybe with stories that will feed his fictional world.

Document B : Pembe offers Elias the innocence and authenticity when watching films that he seems to have lost + the dream of a possible love story. In return he allows her to go to the movies. He might be paying for her, she might be using him (?).

L candidats série L LVA seulement

document A : the major obstacle could be the age difference. Mr Forseka is an adult, a teacher who is the knowledge provider as opposed to the narrator who is a small boy who is eager to learn and hear stories. The two character happen to meet on a boat, it's a chance meeting . They are bound to go their own separate ways once they arrive in England.

Document B : The narrator mentions the fact that the woman is "alien" to his life. They might come from a different social class, have very different social positions, come from different cultural backgrounds. The woman doesn't seem to share the same feelings than the narrator either.

the activities they share (reading books/listening to stories and watching movies), allow them to get in a special relationship where feelings get intense, where the notion of imagination is stimulated and nourished.


Sujet 1 : il s'agit d'écrire la page d'un journal intime. Pembe le personnage féminin écrit, et logiquement parle de son expérience cinématographique, de ses impressions, de cet homme qu'elle aime ou pas, de leurs rencontres secrètes (pour quelles raisons?)... Vous pouviez imaginer beaucoup de choses dans la mesure où dans le texte le point de vue est celui du personnage masculin et que Pembe demeure très énigmatique.

Sujet 2 : séries S, ES, L (pas LVA) et Sujet 3 Série L option LVA uniquement
sujet d'expression, d'argumentation. Il fallait essayer de prendre parti, penser à faire une introduction, des paragraphes clairs et une conclusion.

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Corrigé du Bac S : le sujet de LV1 anglais
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