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Leçon 10 : Blog Your Way To A Better Job

Enrichissez votre vocabulaire d’anglais en passant votre souris sur les mots soulignés pour en avoir la traduction.

Résumé en français : Vous cherchez un (meilleur) emploi ? Alors créez votre blog !

Tara Weiss starts off, “With competition so fierce for every open position these days, even the smallest edge can make the difference in landing you that interview or even a job. One way to gain an advantage: Start a blog about your profession or industry.”
The rest of the article contains nothing new to people who have already found success through blogging. To those people who think blogging is a passing fancy only used by bored teenagers and people who have nothing important to say but say it anyway , I will risk saying “ Get over it ! Get blogging!
Since the end goal is to find a better job, build your blog around your area of business interest, expertise and profession. You don’t have to be a leader in your field ; you can follow the leaders in your field. Start blogging by featuring comments and clips from articles about the leaders you agree with and say why you agree with them.
Once you start to receive positive feedback about your blog then you’ll feel more comfortable with using your own words and ideas.
“The following passage by Tara Weiss is very good advice .
To help make sure you have enough to write about, set up a Google news alert to receive e-mails about stories with keywords from your industry. That way , you'll get news about your field in your inbox automatically. Link to those articles on your blog, and write about whether you agree with them and why . Describe relevant professional experiences of your own. Predict how the matter at hand will affect your industry in the future .”
The three musts are:
Remember you are a professional so make sure your blog has a professional appearance .
Approximately 500 words per blog maximum.
Avoid politics, sex or religion unless you are professionally involved in such matters.
There is a scene in Kevin Costner’s movie “ Field of Dreams ” where he is standing in an open field dreaming about building a baseball stadium and he hears a voice say, “If you build it, he will come.”
Build a blog and they will come looking for you.
And finally another good piece of advice from Tara Weiss for the time when you’ve reached your job goal.
“When you do land a job, don't just shut the blog down. Update it less frequently if you must, but keep it going . It's a useful networking tool , and it may even help you get speaking engagements and interviews for future jobs.”






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