Fiche de révision de vocabulaire d'anglais - Twitter Is Useless

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Leçon 15 :  Twitter Is Useless
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Résumé en français : A la demande de la banque Morgan Stanley, un stagiaire de 15 ans a réalisé une étude sur l'usage des médias par les adolescents. Le résultat est si intéressant que c'est aujourd'hui devenu un ouvrage de référence.

The front page of London’s Financial Times carried a report yesterday – July 12th – written by a 15-year old intern for US investment bank Morgan Stanley. It gave an account of the way he and his friends used new media, what they liked and what they didn't like.
His report concluded that no one was interested in Twitter and said online advertising was useless , and now it seems the financial world is interested.
Edward Hill-Wood, executive director of Morgan Stanley European media, said it is "one of the clearest and most thought-provoking insights we have seen – so we published it.”
"We've had dozens and dozens of fund managers , and several CEOs, e-mailing and calling all day."
The trend for social networking and messaging sites has meant many major financial players want to take over sites such as Twitter or Facebook. But Robson's report, which was sent to Morgan Stanley's clients as a research note, suggested there may be no money in it. Matthew said teenagers were using more and more media, but they had no intention to pay for it.
Teenagers do not use Twitter, said Matthew. Most have signed up to the service, but then just leave it as they realise that they are not going to update it (this is mainly because texting Twitter uses up credit, and they would rather text friends with that credit). They also see that no one is viewing their profile, so their tweets are pointless .

Matthew said traditional media – television, radio and newspapers – are also in danger. No teenager known to Robson reads a newspaper regularly. He said that most cannot be bothered to read pages and pages of text while they could watch the news summarised on the internet or on TV. In the UK, the only newspapers that are read by teenagers are the famous popular tabloids, and free newspapers distributed, for example, on the underground .

Matthew’s teenage friends are ‘ put off ’ by intrusive advertising. They will always find a way to listen to advert-free music on websites such as, and so avoid traditional radio.
Teenagers, like most others, see adverts on websites - pop ups, banner ads - as extremely annoying and pointless, Robson wrote.
However, most teenagers enjoy and support viral marketing, as often it creates humorous and interesting content. “Viral” marketing being the extremely subtle ways modern marketers use pre-existing rumours, gossip or fashion to discreetly place their product. Often, in the first instance, without anyone knowing.
He said teenagers were very reluctant to pay for music and most had never bought a CD. Most downloaded songs illegally from file-sharing sites.
Money and time are instead devoted to actually going to the cinema, concerts, and also paying for video game consoles.
Downloading films off the internet is not popular as the films are usually bad quality and have to be watched on a small computer screen. There is a risk of viruses, Robson added.
Game consoles like Wii, which are now able to connect to the internet and offer free voice chat between users, are becoming more popular to talk to friends than the phone.

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Fiche de révision de vocabulaire d'anglais - Twitter Is Useless
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