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Leçon 5 : US Build Killer Robots

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Résumé en français : Les Etats Unis testent des robots pour remplacer les humains dans les conflits militaires...

In October, the US Army was delivered a new robot, designed by British defence company QinetiQ that can fire grenades and a 7.62 machine gun .
Robert Arkin, a scientist working for the US Army said, “robots do not need to protect themselves…they can be designed without emotions that cloud their judgement or result in anger and frustration with battle events .”
The US is investing $4 billion in research into Terminator-style killing machines that have no fear or do not feel an “irrational” need for vengeance.
Their software will be embedded with rules of engagement ( including the Geneva Convention ) which will tell a robot when to shoot .
At the moment, the KillerBots (killer robots) are operated by humans. Researchers are working on autonomous Soldier Bots who would identify targets and, claim the US, be able to identify “ soft targets ” like ambulances.
Pentagon generals are delighted by an idea that eliminates the need for an ordinary soldier, who is subject to combat stress and aggressive acts of retribution against enemy combatants.
Software managers are working on “ethical chips ” that will “ ensure robots act correctly.”
They defend their involvement by giving the example of credit card applications. “Computers decide on credit card approvals without any human involvement and we are seeing it in some situations regarding medical care for the elderly : eg ; some hospitals in the US use computer programmes to make life and death decisions about whether or not to resuscitate patients.
6 people are now required to manipulate the robot prototypes, but new robots will be built to replace them; so, in the medium term a robot will operate the robot.
In the long term, the battlefields of the future look like we may see robot armies facing each other.
Air drones are already being used in Iraq and Afghanistan, to launch air strikes . And robot vehicles used to disable roadside bombs .

By P. Campbell

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Fiche de révision de vocabulaire d'anglais - US Build Killer Robots
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