Sujet et corrigé - Bac STG 2012 - anglais LV2

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Sujet et corrigé - Bac STG 2012 - anglais LV2

Le corrigé de LV2 anglais, Bac STG :

Proposition de correction sujet STG LV2 2012


1 b a newspaper article
2 b in Kenya
3 c a popular hero
4 a a man who learns how to read
5 b education


1) The place for the film’s premiere is not comfortable.
Line 2 "Instead of a red carpet, there was a dusty green tarpaulin, and the white plastic chairs were a little unsteady"

2) The children have never seen a film before.
Line 7 "Not one hand went up."

3) Thanks to the film production, the school is now better equipped.
Line 20 "... the electricity, running water and new classroom that the produuction company was able to bring into this dirtyard school."

4) Not enough money goes to education.
Line 21/22 : "...some £31m intended for primary schools had disappeared from the ministry of education's coffers."

5) Poor parents do not always send their children to school.
Line 22 "There remain huge persuading poor parents that their children's education is a priority."

6) Maruge is famous worldwide.
Line 26 "" story became known through local and then international newspaper stories

B RIGHT OR WRONG justify with the text
1) The school is in Nairobi.
WRONG line 5 "For the children of the village...., an hour's drive south of Nairobi"

2) The First Grader is a purely fictional film.
WRONG line 11 "... is based on the true story of an unlikely african hero."

3) Maruge was a soldier.
RIGHT line 12 "... a Mau Mau fighter in the war of independence against the British;"

4) Maruge was the oldest pupil in his class.
RIGHT line 14 "He was 84"

5) The British always treated Maruge well.
WRONG line 24 "A freedom fighter who had been imprisoned and tortured by the British"

1) CHADWICK returned to show the film to the schoolchildren.
2) The children of KISAMES played in the film.
3) Maruge gave a speech at THE UNITED NATIONS in 2005.
4) OLIVER LITONDO is Maruge in the film.
5) MARUGE is an example for the people in his country.

1 the children from the Oloserian primary school
2 Maruge
3 poor parents
4 Maruge
5 ambition

motivated : he decided to go back to school at the age of 84, which meant learning how to read and write with small children . He had to be really motivated to do so.

Encouraging : he tried to convince parents to send their chiddren to school, and encouraged his government to fight against the problem of education, he also talked to foreign nations to have them help African countries.


Sujet 1 :
écrire un dialogue, et donc respecter la forme du dialogue (ponctuation), utiliser des tournures langagières propres à la langue orale (ex : formes contractées des verbes, interjections...)

le garçon : l'école est un luxe, il doit aider ses parents, gagner de l'argent, l'école ne sert à rien, perte de temps....
Maruge : parle de sa vie, de ses combats, de son désir d'apprendre, besoin de comprendre et de choisir sa vie et donc savoir lire et écrire....

Sujet 2 :
sujet d'expression et d'argumentation.
Vous pouviez parler d'un personnage historique, d'un personnage de fiction, d'une personne connue ou célèbre.....
On attendait que vous parliez de sa vie, de ce que cette personne a fait d'importance, de sa philosophie de vie..., pourquoi elle vous inspire, quel genre de modèle elle représente, pour quelle raison, quel importance cela a dans votre vie...


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Sujet et corrigé - Bac STG 2012 - anglais LV2
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