Sujet et corrigé - Bac technologiques 2012 - anglais LV1


Sujet et corrigé - Bac technologiques 2012 - anglais LV1

Le sujet :

The picture was near the middle of the pack. Closer to the back maybe. It was the same size,
fitting neatly in with the others, though the backing sheet was somewhat flimsier1. Cheaper stock,
she thought.
Grace checked the next picture. No duplicate this time. That was strange. Only one copy of this
5 photograph. She thought about that. The picture must have fallen in somehow, mixed up with
another roll.
Because this photograph did not belong to her.
It was a mistake. That was the obvious explanation.
Someone else's photograph had gotten mixed in with hers.
10 Or maybe…
The photograph had an old look about it – not that it was black-and-white or antique sepia.
Nothing like that. The print was in color, but the hues seemed … off somehow – saturated, sunfaded,
lacking the vibrancy one would expect in this day and age. The people in it too. Their
clothes, their hair, their makeup – all dated. From fifteen, maybe twenty years ago.
15 Grace put it down on the table to take a closer look.
The images in the photograph were all slightly blurred. There were four people – no, wait, one
more in the corner – five people in the photograph. There were two men and three women, all in
their late teens, early twenties maybe – at least, the ones she could see clearly enough appeared to
be around that age.
20 College students, Grace thought.
They had the jeans, the sweatshirts, the unkempt hair, that attitude, the casual stance2 of budding
independence. One dark-haired girl, on the very edge of the photo, you could only see the back of
her head, really, and a denim jacket. Next to her there was another girl, this one with flaming-red
hair and eyes spaced wide apart.
25 Near the middle, one girl, a blonde, had – God, what the hell was that about? – her face had a
giant X across it. Like someone had crossed her out.
How had this picture …?
As Grace kept staring, she felt a small ping in the center of her chest. The three women – she
didn't recognize them. The two men looked somewhat alike, same size, same hair, same attitude.
30 The guy on the far left too was not someone she knew.
She was sure, however, that she recognized the other man. Or boy. He wasn't really old enough to
call a man. Old enough to join the army? Sure. Old enough to be called a man? He was standing in
the middle, next to the blonde with the X through her face …
But it couldn't be. His head was in mid-turn for one thing. That adolescent-thin beard covered too
35 much of his face …
Was it her husband?
Adapted from Harlan Coben, Just One Look, 2005
1 flimsier : thinner
2 stance : attitude

Les candidats traiteront les exercices sur la copie qui leur sera fournie et veilleront
- à respecter l’ordre des questions et reporter les repères (lettre et chiffre) sur la copie
Exemple : II- A- 1), II- B- 5), etc.
- à faire précéder les citations demandées du numéro de ligne dans le texte.
Les candidats des séries STI, et STL traiteront les questions I, II (A, B, C, D) et III.
Les candidats de la série STG et ST2S traiteront les questions I, II (A, B, C, D, E et F) et III
Write down the right answer.
1) The text is an extract from
a- a film review.
b- a newspaper article.
c- a novel.
2) In the text, the protagonist is
a- asking friends questions.
b- asking a photographer questions.
c- asking herself questions.
3) Most people in the photograph are
a- well-known to Grace.
b- unknown to Grace.
c- known to the general public.
4) Grace is mainly wondering about
a- the people present in the photograph.
b- the person who took the photograph.
c- the date of the photograph.
5) Choose one title for this text:
a- A mystery to solve.
b- Choosing a photograph.
c- A beauty contest.
A- The following statements are RIGHT. Justify them by quoting from the text.
1) The picture was not the first one in the pile.
2) It was printed on bad quality photo paper.
3) Grace thought that the picture was not supposed to be in this pack.
4) The people in the picture were probably not in secondary school anymore.
12ANTEME1/LR1/AG1 Page : 4/4
B- RIGHT or WRONG? Answer and justify by quoting from the text.
1) The photograph was much bigger than usual.
2) Grace recognized one of her pictures.
3) The photograph was in black and white.
4) To Grace, these people’s style seemed out of fashion.
5) There were fifteen people in the picture.
6) There were more women than men in the picture.
7) They were wearing very elegant clothes.
8) In the picture some people were not facing the photographer.
9) The women didn’t all have the same hair colour.
10) Somebody used a pen to circle one of the women’s faces.
C- Who or what do the underlined pronouns refer to?
1) line 1: “It was the same size …”
2) line 4: “That was strange.”
3) line 14: “… all dated.”
4) line 26: “Like someone had crossed her out.”
5) lines 28,29: “… she didn’t recognize them.”
D- Find equivalents in the text for the following words and expressions:
1) going well with 4) looking fixedly
2) evident 5) similar
3) indistinct 6) close to (in two words)
Les questions suivantes seront traitées uniquement par les candidats des séries STG
et ST2S.
E- Choose and write down the right adjective. Justify your choice by quoting one
sentence from the text each time.
1) From line 1 to line 20, Grace is a- worried b- intrigued c- indifferent
2) From line 21 to line 30, Grace is a- worried b- intrigued c- indifferent
F- From line 31 to the end, Grace has a feeling that the picture has something to do
with her. Justify this statement by quoting two elements from the text.
Les candidats de toutes les séries traiteront les DEUX sujets.
Do BOTH subjects (One AND two)
1- When Grace’s husband comes home that night, she shows him the picture and asks him for
explanations. Imagine their conversation. (80 words)
2- Do you like sharing your pictures and / or your memories with other people? Why or why not?
(120 words)

Le corrigé de LV1 anglais :


1 c) a novel

2 c) asking herself questions

3 b) unknown to Grace

4 a) the peole present in the photograph

5 a) Amystery to solve.


A Justify the statements

1) l.1 "the picture was near the middle of the pack".
2) l. 2 "the backing sheet was...flimsier. Cheaper stock."
3) l.15 "...mixed up with another roll."
4) l.18 " all in their late teens, twenties maybe."

B RIGHT or WRONG? Justify with a QUOTE

1) WRONG l.1 "It was the same size,..."
2) WRONG l. 7 "Because this photograph did not belong to her."
3) WRONG l. 11 "- not that it was black-and-white"
4) RIGHT l. 14 "Their clothes, their hair, their make-up-all dated."
5) WRONG l. 17 "five people in the photograph"
6) RIGHT l. 17 "There were two men and three women"
7) WRONG l. 22 "the jeans, the sweatshirts, the unkempt hair, that attitude, the casual stance of budding independence"
8) RIGHT l. 22/23 " you could see the back of her head"
9) RIGHT l. 22"one dark-haired girl", l. 23 "thjis one with flaming-red hair" , l. 25 "a blonde"
10) WRONG l. 25 "her face had a giant X across it. Like someone had crossed her out."

C Pronouns...
1) the picture
2) the fact that there's no duplicate of the photograph
3) the people on the photograph
4) the blonde girl
5) the three women on the photograph

D equivalents

1) fit in (l. 2) 4) staring (l. 28)
2) obvious (l. 8) 5) alike (l. 29)
3) blurred (l. 16) 6 next to (l. 33)

1) b intrigued l. 15 : "Grace put it down on the table to take a closer look."
2) a) worried line 28 : "As Grace kept staring, she felt a small ping in the center of her chest."

-l. 31 : "she recognized the other man"
-l. 36 : "Was it her husband?"


Les DEUX sujets devaient être traités

Sujet 1
Il s'agit d'un dialogue, il fallait respecter la forme (ponctuation) et autant que possible utiliser des expressions propres à la langue orale (ex : abreviations des formes verbales, interjections, tournures peut-être plus relachées....)

piste d'argumentation pour Grace : inquiète, intriguée, montre la photo, impatience, demande des explications, veut savoir qui sont ces gens, qui est la fille dont le visage est barré...

piste d'argumentation du mari : embarrassé, rit de la situation, donne des explications embrouillées ou au contraire très rationnelles, invoque une perte de mémoire, se fâche ou donne des explications peu crédibles....

Sujet 2
Sujet d'argumentation et d'opinion personnelle.
-définir ce qu'on entend par images : photos souvenirs, qui ne se gardent pas, photos souvenir de famille, moments forts ou anecdotiques, ou d'art....
-pourquoi vouloir les partager : pour raconter, se souvenir, faire parler...
-les moyens de transmission des photos : rôle des réseaux photos, des photos instantannées des téléphones portables, facilité de transmission...
Donner son expérience personnelle et l'imporatnce de cette activité dans votre vie....

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Sujet et corrigé - Bac technologiques 2012 - anglais LV1
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