Two Weeks of Wellness at Kedge

Translated by Nina Fink, Erwin Canard
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Kedge Business School Marseille
Students got their first taste of yoga during Kedge's Two Weeks of Wellness event. // ©  erwin canard
On November 29th, the French government launched a youth health and wellness initiative. Just days before, Kedge Business School in Marseille wrapped up a new edition of La Quinzaine du bien-être (Two Weeks of Wellness). The annual event aims to boost both students’ quality of life and the school’s image.

Students got their first taste of yoga during Kedge's Two Weeks of Wellness event. This year's edition focused on sustainable development, healthy eating, relaxation and health. Activities included free HIV testing, a fair-trade lecture, a sophrology relaxation workshop and animal-assisted therapy sessions.

Care Outside of Class

A recent OVE survey shows that close to one-third of French university students are not happy with their health. Nearly 60% noted exhaustion, 53% stress and 26% depression. According to psychology professor Yannick Morvan, "Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of early intervention."

"Two Weeks of Wellness is preventative. We also offer year-round support services", notes Alexandra Montaleytang, coordinator of the wellness program, whose annual budget nears €70 thousand. Therapists and volunteers are available to discuss stress, anxiety, addiction, finances, family and feelings of isolation. "The goal," she says, "is to identify struggling students and offer them support."

It Takes A School

The program was founded after multiple suicides at the end of the aughts. Montaleytang explains, "You might think it's not the school's job but we are responsible for our students." For head of student services Vanessa Doiret, "It's our role as educators and citizens." External relations director Julien Ravier agrees. "Many students have just finished intense preparatory studies. It's often their first time on their own away from home so they can develop anxiety, depression or addictions."

Relaxation Station

Kedge provides relaxation areas, a gym with a full-time trainer, collaborative workspaces and healthy meals. Master's student Sébastien notes, "If the place you work is healthy and stress-free, that motivates you to get up in the morning." For fellow student Thibaut, "Schools should think like businesses. Students who feel good are more efficient and more likely to praise the school."

What's in it for Kedge? Doiret explains, "Our wellness program makes us stand out but we don't publicize it. It's true though that students who feel good and have a positive experience are more likely to recommend the school to other people."

Translated by Nina Fink, Erwin Canard | Publié le

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