8 French Startups Revolutionizing Career Counseling

Camille Pons, Translated by Nina Fink
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8 French Startups Revolutionizing Career Counseling
EducPros takes a closer look at eight French startups leading the charge. // ©  plainpicture/Anja Weber-Decker
From personality tests to A.I. chatbots, advice from university students and real-life career paths, when it comes to career counseling for high school students, EdTech offerings are fast expanding in France. EducPros takes a closer look at eight French startups leading the charge.

1. Pixis: Careers of the Future

Among Pixis' tools is a constellation of 731 careers. Each star links to related degree paths and starting salaries. By selecting fields and hobbies, users can personalize their constellations. Pixis specifically focuses on high-growth professions tied to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

2. Impala: The Self-Study Approach

Impala's interactive career map adapts to users’ responses. Each career is connected to relevant degrees. Users can also play over a dozen self-discovery games that identify their strengths, motivations and hobbies.

3. Studizz Bot: School Ties

Featured on the sites of roughly a dozen French universities, Studizz Bot uses high school students’ academic profiles and aspirations to provide tailored information on the schools’ degrees, student life, international programs and job opportunities.

4. Hello Charly: Adaptable Advising

Hello Charly is a team effort. A chatbot suggests careers and degree programs for free via either text or Facebook Messenger. For a fee, students can then turn to real-life advisors for Skype sessions and application editing.

5. MyFuture: Internships for All

MyFuture features two career counseling web applications. One is an internship placement service for middle school students. The other, Moi dans dix ans (Me in Ten Years), helps middle and high school students find short internships during school vacations.

6. Orienta: Immersive Experiences

Orienta offers fast access to basic counseling content from its own site and from others via Facebook Messenger. In addition to a personality test, Orienta allows users to spend a week on their dream job at one of 285 partner companies for a €250-€500 fee.

7. Study Advisor: Academic Matchmaker

Study Advisor pairs high school students with university student advisors. The platform suggests several matches based on career key words. After the students have connected, Study Advisor makes recommendations and connects users with relevant universities.

8. HumanRoads: Real People, Real Paths

HumanRoads was originally designed for universities studying alumni careers. Now, the “GPS of career counseling” is publicly available. The service functions like a road map, charting study and career paths. The maps are based on thousands of real-life profiles on LinkedIn and Viadeo.

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Camille Pons, Translated by Nina Fink | Publié le